At Heart of Worship we believe that people grow with people. That is the purpose of HOWgroups. Your HOWgroup is more than just the people in it; they are the people you grow with and love. Our HOWgroups are filled with wonderful personalities and enormous hearts.  To join a HOWgroup is to gain a family.  We have a various assortment of HOWgroups to choose from! HOWgroups start at 6:00pm on Wednesdays with food provided!

E.P.I.C is an acronym for "Encouraging People in Christ​". Come join us as we study God’s word while supporting and encouraging each other in a small group environment

Leader- Nick Jenkins

C.L.I.C. is an acronym for "Creating Leaders in Christ", which is what we aim to do in our life group. In C.L.I.C., you will be taught how to become a character leader through Bible study and practical life application. Our goal is for each member to feel enabled to become a witness to the community and reach people for Christ.

Leaders - Lewis Goodwin

HOW Overcomers Recovery and Support is a Christ Centered 12 Step Recovery Program for anyone affected by drug addiction, alcoholism, and co-dependency issues.  Our support group maintains a positive atmosphere of prayer, friendship, and acceptance, along with the educational and spiritual tools to help you overcome your life controlling problems.  We observe the principle of confidentiality which creates a safe environment for discussing difficult problems or disclosing painful emotional wounds.  HOW Overcomers will help you learn to trust God, walk away from the pain of your past and make appropriate choices for a successful future.

Leader: Denny Spinks

We are a discussion-based group that ranges from ages 20 to those in their 70's. We learn from the Word of God and each other's life experiences. We work through the Word at our own pace with more of an emphasis on sharing with each other and caring for each other. There is always an empty chair waiting for you! 

Leader- Curtis Campbell 


We are a young adults ministry for ages 18-30. Our message is simple. Come as you are; Jesus will meet you there. We are a new ministry and will always have a place for you, whether you want to just worship Jesus or help serve in our ministry!

Leader - Titan Marler 

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The JOY team is service group that welcomes new members into HOW! During events like First Step the JOY team's "Golden Saints" assist in seating and greeting! JOY is open to both men and women!

Leaders - Kathy Tanner and Deneen Carter


Contact Info

Kathy Tanner - 318-229-9798

Deneen Carter - 318-446-3878

Nick Jenkins - (318)-308-3216

Curtis Campbell - (318)-664-9387

Lewis Goodwin - (318-769-2488

Liz Spinks - (318)-452-2955

Titan Marler - (915)-494-9004